About Bar Soap

Bar soap is made by a chemical reaction between animal or vegetable oils and sodium or potassium hydroxide (lye). Once the reaction is complete, a completely new substance is formed .... soap.

The qualities of the selected oils, particularly different types of vegetable oils and butters, bring specific characteristics to the soap such as bubble size, hardness of the bar, emollient and moisturizing qualities.

Better for You

Commercially manufactured bar soaps are typically made with the most economical ingredients in huge batches using mechanize processing. Commercial body wash, is normally made with synthetic detergents and artificial fragrances.

Handcrafted soap, on the other hand, is generally made in small batches tended by an actual person, using high-quality, generally food-grade, ingredients. Because they are made in small batches, they can be artistic, creative, colorful and unique.

Better for the Environment

Commercial soap manufacturing factories can be large, with significant carbon and environmental footprints. Body wash is packaged in disposable plastic bottles, significantly contributing to plaentary plastic waste.

Bar soap is solid even at high or low temperatures and can be minimally packaged (or even left naked) which significantly reduces its envioronmental impact. The manufacture of handcrafted soap also has a relatively small environmental footprint.